Roads were our major achievement in 2019-Chingola Mayor

 Roads were our major achievement in 2019-Chingola Mayor

IT is that time of year when we look back and reflect on the major achievements of the year and for Chingola road infrastructure tops agenda.

The Republican President Edgar Lungu gave us a major boost when he prioritized Chingola on the complete road overhaul and Avic has given us perfect roads and drainage system.

This road infrastructure was not achieved cheaply, as responsible citizens we need to guard it jealously. We are on the path of restoring the lost glory of Chingola as the once cleanest town in Zambia.

Many of you have seen that the ‘Welcome to Chingola’ roundabout as you enter from Kitwe has been facelifted after Epiroc had adopted it and we hope more strategic sceneries can be adopted by noble minded corporate entities.

As a council we also used equalisation fund to construct a 600 capacity Chilemba market in Soweto plus other small markets in SNDP, Maiteneke, Kabundi, Mupopopo and Chimfwembe. Chikola will have a police post too.

I wish to appeal to the residents of Chingola to conform to highest hygienic standards this rainy season so that we don’t take a toll of out breaks of diarrhea related diseases which thrive in dirty environments.

During this festival period, I urge residents of Chingola to enjoy responsibly because we need all of us to reach 2020 safely so that we can continue with various projects.

I thank the stakeholders and the residents for their cooperation, support and involvement in the progress achieved so far.

Happy Festive Season to all residents of Chingola.

Chingola Mayor
Titus Tembo

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