Road rehabs stir uproar at Chingola Council

 Road rehabs stir uproar at Chingola Council

There was an uproar at Chingola Council today when Councilors perceived not to be in good books with Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo were left out on allocations of roads to be done in their wards.

To avoid conflict of interest, Mr Tembo who had an item that concern him, declared interest and left the chairmanship to his Deputy Mayor George Kampamba.

President Edgar Lungu in June 2017, launched the famous ‘Link Copperbelt 400’ (C400) kilometres in Chingola to focus on Chingola to have all major roads overhauled to bituminous standard.

Under C400 all major roads interlinking Townships have been done and now, the focus is on actual Township roads.

So far three Chinese road contractors namely; China Geo, Syno Hydro and Avic are on site rehabilitating roads and a fourth contractor China Hinena is scheduled to be in the district for more road rehabilitations.

And these are the kilometres which Chingola Mayor and the team of his Councilors have to share to change Chingola.

However, Kasala PF Ward Councillor Bernard Mwape, Kapisha PF Councillor Davis Mulenga, Bupalo PF Councillor Nelius Mumba and Kasompe UPND Councillor cried foul that their areas have not seen any single rehabilitation ever since the overhaul had started.

Mr Kampamba who today provided excellent leadership in the Council said some wards would benefit through the interlinking roads because the idea is not share among wards.

He said the focus is on roads leading to public infrastructure and those with direct business impact in the district.

He told Mr Mwape and Mulenga of Kasala and Kapisha respectively that Chibwe and Kapisha roads would be done respectively.

But Buntungwa Ward Councillor Soko Mumba asked the Council that there is need to avail the list of all roads to be done before any final selection is done.

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