Riot police thwart ant-KCM protest in Chingola

By Staff Writer
Riot police are roving all the Townships and streets of Chingola trying hard to thwart any plans of a protest against Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo with communities in his constituency had applied for a police permit to stage a peaceful protest against KCM.

The permit was initially granted but later the police cancelled the permit when all groups had already been activated.

This has now kept riot police on their toes roving around streets, Civic centre gates, KCM gates and Townships monitoring the volatile situation.

This has forced Nchanga Law Maker to have a press briefing at Nchanga National Assembly at 10:00 hours today to address the same issues related to KCM.

KCM owes suppliers and contractors huge sums of money and it again retrenched several direct and indirect employees.

The free minded Nchanga resident Derricky Chilundika has been on record demanding for action against KCM but he didn’t receive the support which seems to have come now.

And Rainbow Party Copperbelt Information Publicity Secretary Humphrey Kabwe said police may stop people from protesting but there is already a protest going on in the minds of people.

“The police should know that Zambians are already protesting in their minds. Going on the streets is just to show how much protest they already have,” he said.

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