Review the policy on Niloticus tilapia – fish farmer

 Review the policy on Niloticus tilapia – fish farmer

A Samfya based Fish Farmer has appealed to government to consider reviewing the policy that restrict fish farmers in Luapula Province from growing Niloticus Tilapia, a species predominantly found in the Nile river.

Dr Faustin Mwape says there is need to review the policy to allow fish farmers in the Province grow the fish species saying doing so will allow fish farmers realize the full benefits of fish farming.

Dr Mwape points out that the restriction was justifiable in past when the province had a lot of fish in its natural  water bodies but that the current depletion levels of fish needs a breed like Niloticus Tilapia that will yield the required amounts of fish from fish farmers.

Dr Mwape who is also Abashila Investment Technical Director says allowing Fish Framers in the Province to grow Niloticus Tilapia is only way they will compete with those on Lake Kariba and Kafue River who are already growing the breed.

He observed that Niloticus Tilapia has a number of advantages and cited the feed convention rate for Niloticus Tilapia which is 70% compared to 20% for ordinary breams.

Dr Mwape further explains that once fish farmers in the Province are allowed to grow Niloticus Tilapia the fish industry in the province will grow as the fish grows faster and breeds more than the ordinary breams.

He further says allowing fish farmers in the province to grow the breed will go a long way in returning the province’s status of being the major fish supplier/ZANIS.

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