Review contracts awarded to China Geo-Milipi

 Review contracts awarded to China Geo-Milipi

Opposition alliance chairperson Charles Milupi addresses the media at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka on January 22, 2019 – Picture by Tenson Mkhala

Minister of Infrastructure Housing and Urban Development Charles Milupi has called for the review of the contracts awarded to China Geo Engineering Corporation which has abandoned a number of projects in the country.

Mr Milupi said Government wants to work with contractors that are ready to work and deliver work.

Mr Milipi also said that he was disappointed to learn that China Geo Engineering Corporation had abandoned works even after being paid a larger amount of money than what is being owed.

He said the contractor is only owed 3 million Kwacha and was paid 14 million Kwacha from the 17 million Kwacha for the maintenance works which include pothole patching and rehabilitation on some sections of the road.

Mr Milipi said the state of the Great North Road, is a source of concern and has potential to cause accidents..

He said the Road Development Agency (RDA) must look into the contracts because China Geo Engineering Corporation has other infrastructure projects they have abandoned across the country.

And RDA Board Chairperson Mulchanda Kuntawala said he will meet China Geo Engineering Corporation this week to review the contracts.