Restless Dev youth calls for simplification of CDF guideline

 Restless Dev youth calls for simplification of CDF guideline

Restless Development youth Organization Gmicy Nakazwe has appealed to Government to break down the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) guidelines to local languages and simplify them for everyone to understand.

Ms Nakazwe said the guidelines should be understood by everyone otherwise some people are ignorant on the guidelines and may assume that the funds are hard to access.

Speaking in Chingola during youth day celebrations, she said youths from rural area may what to apply but have no idea how hence the complaints that CDF is for carders, it simply because they don’t understand it.

Ms Nakazwe said this year’s theme ‘Transforming Minds for Accelerated youth Development’ development can only be achieved once the youths and the Government are on the same page in terms of understanding

“The Government should identify a youth wing that will help in sensitizing on the various opportunities introduced by the government through the Local Councils so that an understanding can be reached,” she said.

And Officiating at Youth day Nchanga Member of Parliament Derrick Chilundika urged youths not to indulge in illegal activities that will destruct them from being responsible.

Mr Chilundika said this day youths are appreciated in their efforts, contributions and achievements across the country in political, economic, social and cultural domains of society and humanity at large.

The MP who is also Luapula Province Minister said the aspect of development should not trivialize but embraced by all the youths.

Meanwhile, the MP said that the government has made head ways in ensuring that youth are supported and pasted in influential positions.

“My message to you the youth is that, you are stronger and have a long way to go in life and that is why free education,  Skills bursaries and CDF empowerment has been given to you in appreciation of your effort in the nation. You are special people therefore; you should not be indulging yourselves in illegal activities that will destruct you from being a responsible youth.” he said.

Speaking earlier, Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chimupi called on the Chingola political parties to collaborate and work together to bring development.

And Chingola Mayor Johnson Kan’gombe expressed gratitude towards the youths of Chingola for come in numbers including the opposition PF to participate.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.