Respect Domestic workers’ rights-AEDWZ

 Respect Domestic workers’ rights-AEDWZ

The Association of Employers for Domestic Workers Union of Zambia has called on employers of domestic workers (AEDWZ) to respect their rights.

Speaking at a sensitization meeting at Chingola Combined Secondary School, AEDWZ President Humprey Monde said making decent work for domestic workers is a reality.

Mr Monde said that it about time that employers did away with calling domestic workers derogatory names.

“Let’s do away with the thought that domestic workers are not workers, they do hard jobs in various places where they are employed, disrespecting them is very demeaning, and may cause demotivation,’’ he said.

Mr Monde said that since its establishment, the association has had 3,800 registered members.

He said that out of 1,000,000 known domestic workers only 7,000 are registered for the Workers Compensation Fund, which is not appealing.

And Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chimupi said that the district favored among the three towns that the Labour office has decided to hold meetings to sensitize residents on issues concerning domestic workers.

Mr Chimupi said that when employers treat their domestic workers with pride and respect, it is guaranteed that they will perform accordingly.

He also called on the stakeholder’s present to spread the awareness on the need to respect domestic workers as they too have rights that should be enjoyed and respected as workers.

Mr Chimupi said that cared for domestic workers will in turn care for homes and those around in a good manner.

Speaking at the same meeting, National Coordinator at the International Labour office Marrisa Mushota called on the employers to always respect the rights of their domestic workers.

She said that they are entitled to paid leaves and other incentives formal workers enjoy.

She emphasized on the need to have domestic workers registered for the national pension’s scheme, noting that no one should be left behind as the country is developing.