Resolve KCM impasse, Lungu tells Mines Minister

By Nchimunya Miyoba
President Edgar Lungu has directed Mines Minister Richard Musukw to resolve the Konkonla Copper Mines impasse.

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President Lungu also directed Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe to resolve the water reticulation affecting Some towns in the province.

Speaking when he met PF party officials at Mine recreation Club in Chingola yesterday, President Lungu said the issue of KCM should not be left to the President to sought out but instead local leadership should take up mantle and deliver for Tue benefit of the people.

President Lungu said if KCM is not performing according to the expectations, local leadership are at liberty to question and put on record

He said those affected KCM operations should wake up and petition the Ministers and union leaders and ensure that the rights of the affected are protected.

He said provincial leaders should be humble and listen to the cries of the grassroots who usually don’t need money .

The President reminded the leaders that power corrupts and it makes them become big headed thus forgetting who voted for them into office

“Local leadership will soon need the people in the constituencies hence there is need to take care of the grassroots,” he said

He warned that he will not condone shoddy works on the on going construction works of the roads in the district.

The President said his Government wants to bring Chingola back to it’s original status.

The President implored commanded the two parliamentarians to agently look into the water reticulation in the district.

He urged party members to embrace new members and learn to forgive the people that left the party and want to rejoin adding that Zambian politics are nomadic in nature.

“Do lock the boat. Let’s learn to forgive those that left us. Let’s embrace newcomers especially those that can meaningfully contribute to the growth of the party,” he said.

President Lungu said his party is a hurry to create jobs for the youths and has since assured them that government is in talks and wants KCM and Nchanga dump sites be open to the youths hence creating employment for them.

And Chingola district PF Chairperson Samuel Bwema said the youths are carrying out a lot of illegal activities at the dump because the process of handing over the open pit dump site has taken long.

Mr Bwema said the delay KCM in paying local contractors is decampaigning the party in the district.

He added that when KCM delays to pay local contractors local PF leadership is critised the opposition that they have failed to deliver.

He appealed to the President to look into the issue of the 20 percent allocated to the contractors.

He said no local contractor in a Chingola has benefited from the 20 percent local contract participation since the pronouncement was made.

Speaking at the same event PF provincial Chairperson Stephen Kainga called for unity in the party.

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