Resolve challenges people are facing

 Resolve challenges people are facing
Dear Editor
I appeal to the New Dawn Government and indeed the Republican President His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema to make sure that they prioritise resolving issues pertaining to challenges people are going through.
It is surely unacceptable where most governance institutions officers were sitting in offices with a lot of unresolved issues on their tables dating as far back as five years, yet the same civil servants were employed to resolve these issues and have been in offices and getting paid.
These are the challenges that I appeal to the New Dawn government to seriously and quickly make sure that institutions such as the local government (e), ZESCO, etc should be made to jack up and be performance oriented institutions than come tomorrow institutions.
Most of these institutions have indirectly created a corruption platform knowingly or unknowingly because of the “come tomorrow or will get back to you” scenario they have created for the people they are supposed to serve, which is very unacceptable.
If a problem or situation cannot be resolved, let it be put out rightly to the person so that other avenues can be engaged than giving people hope yet nothing comes up except the same promises.
Let this New Dawn government make sure these technocrats in offices are paid for work done than for giving excuses to people they are supposed to serve. Enough is enough and let the new dawn come with benchmarks of complaints/problems resolve.
We can not continue to have institutions get people’s money and even receipt only to turn round that they cannot offer or provide the service yet money was received with easy and stubbornly are not even talking of refund.
Change in doing things in government and quasi government in this new dawn administration should be implemented now than tomorrow.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

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