Report Corrupt Labor Officers to ACC

 Report Corrupt Labor Officers to ACC

Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Labor Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa has disputed accusations by some members of the public that labour officers are corrupt.

Mr Muntengwa has challenged the people accusing labor officers of corrupt practices to report them to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with evidence.

He said it will set an example for people not to engage in corruption practices at the expense of employees if they are reported.

Mr Muntengwa said that people have a tendency of publicly making claims that labor officers are corrupt instead of going to institutions mandated to deal with corruption cases.

“If you are so sure that there is corruption at play and you know the labor officer involved go to Anti-Corruption Commission because merely saying there is corruption without reporting is sitting on your rights,” he said.

He said that the labor office does not deal with collective disputes but rather deals with issues that have been agreed by the employer and employee in the contract of employment.

Mr Muntegwa said that the reason why people think that the labor office does not act on cases reported is because people do not follow procedures especially when they are unionized.

He has since urged the public to take keen interest in knowing labor laws and procedures contained in the Employment Code Act before rushing to the media to make accusations.

This is contained in a statement issued  by the Ministry of Labour Public Relations Officer Godfrid Chisala.