Relieved Kitwe DC Binwell Mpudnu more lethal now


By Staff Writer
President Edgar Lungu has not renewed the contract for open minded Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpudnu who has been warming eggs at Nkana constituency. 

Mr Mpundu had in 2016 aspired for Nkana constituency but was not adopted and instead the party adopted Alexander Chiteme.

His love for the constituency has not fallen such that at times he would forget that he is a civil servant and would clash with Mr Chiteme.

At one point he was rumoured to have been pushed to Kaputa but suddenly after Mr Mpundu had played it nicely, his transfer dearth at rumour stage.

However, his non-renewal of the contract is a serious problem for Mr Chiteme now because Mr Mpundu is untied to rules of the game.