Register with mission before travelling abroad-Govt

 Register with mission before travelling abroad-Govt

Government has advised Zambian nationals travelling abroad, whether on short or long term basis, to register their presence at the nearest Mission and take out Travel and Medical Insurance.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanely Kakubo said in a statement the Zambian mission in Ankara is actively following Ms Mukuka’s matter.

This comes after a video of a Zambian national in Istanbul, identified as Annety Mukuka, has gone viral because of her medical condition.

And Mr Kakubo said the Zambian mission in Ankara was notified of her illness in March this year after failing to access medical attention for the 10 months she had been unwell which was worsened by challenges with her immigration status and lack of a steady income.

“The Embassy officials organized for Ms Mukuka’s hospitalization, so that she could be reasonably fit for repatriation to Zambia but she left the hospital prematurely, on her own accord, for fear of being repatriated by the Embassy, however Ms Mukuka was again admitted to Reyap Hospital for medical attention last Friday,” he said.

Mr Kakubo said his Ministry acknowledges the support of Zambians in the Diaspora, who worked together with the Mission to ensure that the patient begins to receive the urgently required medical care.

He said Government through its Missions abroad, remains committed to safeguarding the welfare of its Nationals in the Diaspora, to the greatest extent possible.