Register Universities with the right staff- Luo

Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo has challenged the Higher Education Authority -HEA- to ensure all colleges and universities have qualified lecturers and adequate infrastructure before they are registered.

Speaking during the Launch of the Higher Education Authority 2018-2021 strategic plan, Professor Luo also urged the authority to remind institutions that they need to maintain high standards of professionalism if the country is to attain social economic dev

The higher education minister said more needs to be done to improve the quality and services of public learning institutions.

She also emphasized the need to ensure lecturers are employed according to their qualification at various levels of education.

Professor Luo has since advised HEA to see to it that the objectives of the strategic plan are realized and fully implemented.

And HEA Director General Stephen Simukanga said the authority has committed to pursuing six objectives in quality service delivery, production of internationally recognized graduates and satisfying its clients among others.

Professor Simukanga said the authority will ensure graduates are proficient enough to contribute to national development.

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