Reference to Bill 10 means we are static

Dear Editor,

The continued reference to failed Bill 10 in the August house whenever MPs bring up debates to move the country forward means our leaders don’t want to move forward for the interest of this nation.

It now confirms to me and any other person that Bill 10 was structured to bad items with good items yet, wanted to enact the whole Bill, which is hypocrisy and disservice to this nation.

Why should the VEEP refuse a bill to do with public order act (POA) just because it was one of the items in the failed Bill 10? It is shocking and unacceptable in this era.

Let us learn to move on and stop being crybabies or pinning the whole nation because of what could not be enacted.

It is simple, bring it back to parliament solely and debate the good and bad in it and move forward than taking it up like punishing one another.

The parliament is not for you people (MPs) who sit there, it is for us Zambians who want you to sit and debate decently and enact laws that are beneficial to Zambians, not any small grouping of people.

Let Bill 10 never be a weapon against progressive bills twapapata your Honour Auntie Mutukwa Inonge Wina please.

Wisdom Muyunda



The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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