Recruitment of health workers commended

The Association of Unemployed Youths, has commended Government for honoring its pledge to recruit 11, 276 health workers.

Association’s President David Chishimba says the move is commendable as it will not only change the livelihoods of the people who will be employed but also their families.

Mr Chishimba has urged Government to develop and grow the health sector in order to avoid the backlog from building up again.

“A once-off pick-up of health workers from the labor market is not the ultimate solution; the ultimate solution is consistent recruitment which can only come about when vacancies are created regularly through the development of the health sector. This can be done by empowering people in the medical field with finances to set up their own health facilities and also by building manufacturing industries for drugs and medical equipment,” he said.

Mr Chishimba said the takes the employment of young people across the country seriously.

“Therefore we want to urge the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Anthony Bwalya and other excited government officials to desist from issuing or sharing false and alarming statements meant to deceive the public in relation to youths or jobs.

“In the same breath we would like to advise Mr Bwalya and other officers not to play politics on the minds of people with serious issues as this has got the potential to make the government lose credibility,” he said.

Mr Chishimba has advised the Government officials to only share information with the public once verified and certain, noting they are no longer in opposition.