Ramp up productivity in the mining sector- Kabuswe

 Ramp up productivity in the mining sector- Kabuswe

 Minister of Mines, Minerals and development Paul Kabuswe says that there is need to ramp up productivity in the Mining sector so that Zambians can benefit from their wealthy.

Mr Kabuswe said that the only way to succeed in the Mines is by having a lot of activities in the industry to unlock it certain monies that was not coming in because of mineral loyalty.

He said this will allow the mining supply chain to have a lot of contractors and suppliers who   will also create employment to the people of Zambia.

Speaking yesterday on Sunday interview, Mr Kabuswe has assured Zambians that the New Dawn Government is working on the policies that will make every Zambian benefit from the mining sector.

He said the Country depends on the mining sector and Government is doing everything possible to come up with policies that will boost production so that the economy does not crumble.

“The Mining sector is in a confused state, we inherited a mine which was not benefiting the people as it should. The policy we are crafting will include predictable income tax, and, this will see that Zambians every benefits,” he said.

Mr Kabuswe said that the policies will also improve artisanal in small scale mining.

He has assured the small scale miners that the mining activities will commence once they finalize with the structure Government is doing.

Mr Kabuswe has urged the people of Zambia to have licenses and join into ventures.