Rainbow Party welcomes Govt move to increase shares in Mopani

 Rainbow Party welcomes Govt move to increase shares in Mopani

The Rainbow Party says the country can benefit from the mineral resources by increasing shareholdings in some of the foreign owned companies.

The Party said by also allowing more locals to get involved in most of the major economic sectors such as Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Technology and Financial Sectors.

Rainbow Deputy National Spokesperson Humphrey Kabwe said the party has welcomed Government announcement to increase shares in Mopani Copper mines.

Mr Kabwe said the country can only develop once government draft up economic policies that allow locals become drivers of major economic activities such as the mines.

He said foreign investors are not here to offer charity but to make money while our people remain beggers.

“The party under the able leadership of Wynter Kabimba is happy to see the government buying into the Rainbow party message which will have preached for the past 6 years. Therefore, the move Government has proposed will benefit the nation thus the Need for supporting it by all well-meaning stakeholders,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said this move should be actualize so that the nation can benefit from the mineral resources God has given us.

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