Put measures to protect Children’s rights-MNCRD

 Put measures to protect Children’s rights-MNCRD

Media Network Executive Director for Child Rights and Development (MNCRD) Henry Kabwe  says adults should put up measures in place to ensure that children’s rights are protected.

Mr Kabwe said children have no power to protect themselves.

“As we commemorate Human Rights Day this year its important that we reflects on the theme which is: “Recover better: Stand up for human rights.” Human rights are entitlements,” he said.

He said the main point about human rights is dignity and respect for every person.

Mr Kabwe said that services should be delivered to every person regardless of their disabilities, status and  location (they may be in rural areas).

He said the Nation need to balance and ensure access to services that can improve the development of the people.

And Southern Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said the theme for this year should encourage and inspire the Zambian government as the primary benefactor of human rights.

Mr Cheembe said in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic which has ruined economic prospects of many Zambian employ government to work hard in ensuring protection of human rights for all its citizens.

He said government  must ensure to strengthen the legislation for human rights defenders.

Mr Cheembe said as Zambia prepares for the 2021 general elections it should uphold human rights for all regardless of how strong we may feel about a political position or affiliation.

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