No pupil, student should be sent away because of user fee

 No pupil, student should be sent away because of user fee

Education Minister Douglas Syakalima says pupils and students should not be sent away from schools and colleges on account that they have not paid user fees.

Mr Syakalima said learners have already lost out on time due to closure of schools that happened due to covid-19 and the school authorities must ensure they catch up on lost time.

He said the practice of sending learners away from schools is a complete departure from the guidelines.

Mr Syakalima made the directive to provincial Education Officers, District Board Secretaries and Head teachers.

And Mr Syakalima said it is sad to learn that some schools are working against the prescribed guidelines including the directive by Presidents Hakainde Hichilema to halt transfers and promotions.

He also told Journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that he is dismayed with failure by school supervisors to enforce specific circulars issued by the Ministry of Education.

Mr Syakalima said the circular on reopening of the schools for the second and third term in 2021 was not adhered to by some schools.

He said the Ministry guided that the second term was suppose to run from August 5th to September 24th 2021 and that no pupils was suppose to pay user fees because schools had closed prematurely.

Mr Syakalima said the Ministry guided that the third term will start on September 27th 2021 to December 10th 2021 and parents expected to pay school fees in full.

He explained that pupils are suppose to remain in school and only have a mid-term break from 0ctober 16th  to 25th 2021.