Protect water bodies-WARMA

 Protect water bodies-WARMA

The Water Resources Management Authority WARMA) says all water sources in the country must be protected from human activities.

WARMA Director General Kenneth Nyundu all citizens must be involved in putting in place strategies that will ensure the life span of water sources are sustained and not shortened as a result of human activities upstream.

Mr Nyundu said the huge investment in constructing the Mwomboshi Dam is expected to yield the desired results that can be felt way beyond Chisamba.

He was speaking when he met small scale and commercial farmers in Chisamba District, Central province.

Mr Nyundu also said if left unchecked, water sources such as Mwomboshi Dam in Chisamba will be affected if stakeholders and local users do not play their roles to protect the resource.

And, Irrigation Development Support Project (IDSP) national project coordinator Daniel Chamba said the organisation wants to ensure the interests of farmers are met.