Prominent PF members defect to UPND

 Prominent PF members defect to UPND

Former Western Province minister Poniso Njeulu has ditched the Patriotic Front and joined the ruling UPND.

Other defectors included former District Commissioners for Kalabo, Fridah Luhila and her predecessor, Maxwell Makokwa, former Mongu DC, Honzy Mangw’ato, and Richard Mwapela.

And Speaking on behalf of other defectors, Alexis Luhila said they decided to join the ruling party because of the progressive policies such as free education which Government is implementing.

Mr Luhila who served as Ambassador in the MMD government said that the UPND is implementing an inclusive government which had not happened in the previous administration.

And, Receiving the defectors, UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda said the party is open to new ideas even from new members like those from the opposition PF party.

And UPND National Chairman for Elections, Garry Nkombo said President Hichilema has stressed the need for national unity as it is cardinal for economic emancipation.

This was during the launch of campaigns for the mayoral election at UPND provincial secretariat in Mongu .