Private Sector need to seize the opportunity and oil the Economy-Kansembe

Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil Alfreda Kansembe says as economies are grappling with the negative effect of Coronavirus pandemic, there is need for the private sector to seize the opportunity and oil the economy using out of – the -box initiatives.

Dr Kansembe Mwamba said the proactiveness shown by most private companies in supplementing Government’s effort on the International Community by putting in place measures to serve the performance of economies is commendable.

She said some of the key areas that stakeholders are championing include Accelerating innovative and market-based approaches for local manufacturing capabilities of COVID-19 Supplies and Strengthening health-related supply chains as well as consolidating digital and data information systems.

The Zambian Envoy said Zambia too has witnessed some positive gesture through contributions of various aids to support the fight against Covid -19, a move that should be commended.

Dr Kansembe said from the numerous meetings held in South America, countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina are all working tirelessly in partnership with their local stakeholders and banking institutions to support their economies, a step that Zambia can equally emulate.

She said the private sector globally though equally not spared from effects of COVID 19, have continued to play a key role to deliver better outcomes to slow the spread of the disease, through equipping local communities with the tools needed to fight back against COVID-19.

Ambassador Kansembe has urged Civic leaders to work extra hard and sensitize the communities in the remotest parts of the country on the dangers of COVID -19 and how it can be prevented.

She said the task to fight the pandemic cannot be left to government alone but requires the participation of key stakeholders and cooperating partners.

Dr Kansembe said that Preventing and controlling infections in health facilities Supporting surveillance, rapid response, and emergency operations, are some of the areas adopted by the private sector to spearhead in the controlling of COVID-19.

She however called on Zambian financial institutions with the capacity to lend financial aid to SME’S to boost their industries so that they remain operational and protect local jobs.

Dr Kasembe  added that Zambia which already has active policies in place that support private sector participation in the running of the economy stands a better chance of scoring positive results.

This is contained in a statement Issued by Grace Makowane, First Secretary (Press and Public Relations) Zambian Embassy, Brazil.

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