Prioritize workers compensations schemes-companies urged

 Prioritize workers compensations schemes-companies urged

The ministry of labor and social securities has called on companies and institutions in the country to prioritize workers compensations schemes.

Labor ministry and social security permanent secretary Chanda Kaziya says compensation schemes such as building of houses for occupational accidents is in line with government’s pro-poor policies.

“We must be able to build houses for the workers injured at work, for this enables them and their families to have somewhere to start from, the workers compensation fund should not at any cost be neglected for that is wrong,” he said.

Workers compensation fund chief executive office Priscilla Bwembya says under cooperate social responsibility, the have been able to build houses for workers that were injured at work.

“For all the highly disabled under corporate social reasonability vote, we are building them houses, because when injured and disabled, most of them that cannot work now and it is the workers compensation Fund’s responsibility to build them houses,” she said.