President Msoni on increased fatalities on Zambian roads

 President Msoni on increased fatalities on Zambian roads

The forever rising road carnage and fatalities on Zambian roads require urgent intervention. Undoubtedly a lot of factors are at play leading to the unprecedented number of accidents.

The increased number of heavy load carrying vehicles moving at extremely high speeds need to be regulated. Surly heavy trucks cannot be running faster than smaller vehicles.

The increased lawlessness on the roads is evidently clear for all to see. We certainly need to bring back sanity on our roads by way of regular highway patrols.

Am not entirely persuaded that police road blocks are helpful in reducing accidents on our roads. Arguably police checkpoints are mere corruption points and in a way are part of the problem  rather than a solution.

The poor state of our roads is undoubtedly contributing to the number of road accidents and as such we need to redo most of our roads.

The non existence of road signage displaying speed limits on most of our roads is contributing to the reckless driving speeds.

In a nutshell we urgently need to revisit and tighten the road traffic control regime. More stiffer penalties should be meted out and imposed on erring drivers.

The reality is that drink driving is responsible for most of the accidents happening in our country. Unless we take these matters seriously it will be extremely difficult to prevent future road accidents.

Prison must be the ultimate and a reality for all careless and reckless drivers as innocent lives are needlessly lost in the process.

Nasson Msoni

All Peoples Congress (APC)


Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.