President Lungu’s attitude towards the FIC report worrying-NDC

By Staff Writer
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt Chairperson Chipoka Mulenga has expressed displeasure at the lack of political will by the Head of State President Edgar Lungu.

In a media statement, Mr Mulenga said NDC had thought President Lungu was supposed to be at the centre of fighting to stop corruption.

“We advise the President not to rubbish the report but rather draw concern from its publication and allow relevant investigative wings to take charge. He’s always shown tolerance to corruption and allow to continuously dine and rule with accused corrupt people. His relaxed attitude will make him enter the history books as the most corrupt entertaining President Zambia ever had.

“Zambia’s economy is ailing, yet we have a President that isn’t concerned about financial abuse recorded by his people and their illicit financial dealings. The Financial Intelligence Centre is a government agency that has been in existence as result of a parliamentary enactment. The person that leads it is actually a presidential appointment. Therefore, even its work must have the same credibility that all other government agencies deserve. However, President Lungu has demonstrated that he’s not eager to fight corruption by not taking the FIC report seriously,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said that President Lungu has an opportunity to redeem his name by taking serious steps to be a leader Zambian people hoped for and offer leadership.

He said as things stand, there’s nothing to be desired in President Lungu’s style of leadership.

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