President Lungu should reconcile with CK, HK, KBF to shame Judas Iscariots

 President Lungu should reconcile with CK, HK, KBF to shame Judas Iscariots

By Maxwell Chongu
It is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that in the ruling Patriotic Front we do have a lot of Judas Iscariots masquerading as true patriots and loyalists when infact they are the people behind many problems affecting our party today in terms of leadership wrangles, divisions and confusions with their addiction of peddling lies driven by jealous and hatred.

Certain leaders are eager to see others leave just to advance their selfish, personal political aspirations not necessarily looking at the bigger picture that of the party PF, its general party membership and the people of Zambia at large.

I am convinced that if the President Edgar Lungu was to give platform on a one to one basis to the following people, he will surely receive shocking political revelations in terms of how certain leaders go behind his back to these same people and plan evil using the national party convention.

1 Hon. Harry Kalaba

2.. Hon. Chishimba Kambwili

3. Comrade Kelvin Bwalya Fube ( KBF )

I am not a prophet but am convinced we have leaders that move in the night to meet the aforementioned people and discuss on how the party convention should be used to remove President Edgar Chagwa Lungu from presidency.

I am 100% convinced that if their evil intentions were to succeed God forbid they will turn their backs on president Edgar Lungu and go ahead to reunite with all the leaders expelled or suspended leaving president Edgar Chagwa Lungu isolated.

President Edgar Lungu has got one term remaining running up to 2026 after his current first term mandate which ends in 2021, it will be politically correct to unite and reconcile with the above leaders to shame those pretending to be loyal when in the dark they are busy bad mouthing and planning evil for our distinguished humble leader President Edgar Lungu.

As things stand now our win in Bahati should not be taken for granted to the extent that it sends us to the comfort zone because we don’t know what would have been the outcome had Hon. Harry Kalaba put up his own candidate the more reason we need to reconcile and unite to avoid reducing our numbers on the ground.

I know am young, poor and my voice might not be heard but i do believe and iam convinced that the current political battles in our party today are about The Running Mate position and who will take over the presidency after 2026.

My honest and personal opinion is that Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba and Kelvin Bwalya Fube are pro PF looking at how passionately they talk about PF each time they are given an opportunity to address people and that for Chishimba Kambwili to put up his own choice of candidate in Roan Constituency he just wanted to prove a political point and not necessarily that he wanted PF to lose or that he hates PF.

The only way to shame and destroy the plans of those lions in sheep’s skin pretending to be loyal to President Lungu is to simply reconcile and unite with the people they are using as mouthpiece to advance their selfish personal political aspirations.

Peace, love, forgiveness, zero tolerance to tribalism/violence, reconciliation and unity should be the core of our party PF the fact the we are the ruling party that actually introduced the day of National Prayers, Fasting and Reconciliation.

It will be total madness to think none of our leaders in PF today goes to meet the aforementioned people to discuss one or two things about our party secretly without the knowledge and permission of our distinguished humble leader president Edgar Chagwa Lungu clear indications of pending betrayal.

They say ” Imiti ipalamine taibula kukwesana ” The above leaders might have said one or two things that may have injured our distinguished humble leader President Lungu for he is also a human being with feelings and blood running through his veins but the wise thing to do for the sake of our party PF would be to reconcile and unite.

They say ” Umulembwe wachipuba wapwile muli tumfwe ” we can not keep on losing leaders, reducing numbers and expect 2021 to be easy.

Truthfully speaking 2021 will not be as easy as it seems hence the need to foster unity and reconciliation in order to maximize on our support base.

Ubukulu wa Nkoko Masaku

I am appealing to our distinguished humble leader President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to consider opening doors of reconciliation and unity with the above leaders for it is clear the battle is not between President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the three leaders but some selfish leaders who are busy going behind the presidents back fuelling tension and confusion at the same time pretending to be loyal to the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Mine is to serve, defend, protect and promote the party PF and President Lungu.

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