President Lungu should be voted back into power – Chitotela

 President Lungu should be voted back into power – Chitotela


Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Ronald Chitotela says that Zambians have got the mandate to vote President Lungu back into power because of the developmental projects he has done Country wide.

Speaking on the Patriotic Front forum yesterday, Mr Chitola said that Zambians should reflect on what president Lungu has done and give him a vote ahead of August polls.

“President Lungu is only in power for Ten years but he has achieved so much compared to those who ruled this country for so many years, he has brought development in all the sectors, in education, road infrastructure, and in Energy sector,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, PF Kankoyo Parliamentary candidate Bishop Ed Chomba said that Zambians should  deny to vote for leaders who supports violence in the coming elections.

He said people should vote for president Lungu because he is a shining beacon of peace who always preaches about peace and unity.

“Zambia is a peaceful nation and we should embrace the peace we are enjoying, politics is not about violence killing one another but about telling people what u do for them, so as Zambians let not vote for leaders who supports violence,” he said

And vertilan Politian and former Kabwata Member of Parliament given Lubinda urged all Zambians to rally behind President and the PF Government for continuinty of his developmental agenda.

He said President is capable of running the affairs of the Country even beyond 2021 because his Government leaves no behind.

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