President Lungu must fire those promoting tribalism

 President Lungu must fire those promoting tribalism

Dear Editor,

I write to appeal to President Lungu to start firing anybody serving in government that is seen, heard and proving to be tribal whenever they are given space to engage with citizens.

The current tribal and hate speeches coming from high ranking government officials, the recent one being by Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dora Siliya when addressing chiefs in Sinda, Eastern Province over the weekend, is a recipe for ethnic clashes if left unchecked by President Lungu.

My appeal is because President Lungu has the authority to reprimand these Ministers found of using unchristian language against the declaration of this nation as a Christian nation. Don’t put this nation on fire because you want power and not to serve us.

Why should the Ministers be in the forefront and comfortable to promote tribalism in this nation at will as if they know that they cannot be reprimanded by anyone surely?

This tribalism campaign the PF Ministers and MPs are engaging themselves in is denting the presidency in that when they are seen to do it freely and frequently without reprimand, people start speculating that the presidency is okay with it, which is unfortunate, even when he is not connected to it.

So, can the president recuse himself from such by firing anybody found promoting tribalism to cleanse the presidency and with the urgency it requires.

These politics should not be about personality, power or authority but about providing a serving to the people of Zambia, which therefore should not culminate into tribal supremacy.

One Zambia One Nation.

Wisdom Muyunda


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