President Lungu created a public movement regarding sanitation and hygiene

 President Lungu created a public movement regarding sanitation and hygiene

Government says President Edgar Lungu has managed to instill a silent people’s revolution movement and behavioral change regarding sanitation and hygiene among Zambians.

Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Dennis Wanchinga said this when he made a presentation during the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention in New Delhi, India.

Dr Wanchinga said President Edgar Lungu has created a public movement after involving the military in cleaning the environment which has promoted behavioral change on hygiene among Zambians.

He said President Edgar Lungu further launched a cleaning exercise of the environment every Saturday of the end of the month as part of showcasing political will.

Mr Wanchinga said Government is committed towards improving access to clean and safe water and adequate sanitation through the implementation of policies and programmes that are anchored on the Vision 2030 and Seventh National Development Plan.

Dr Wanchinga said Government through Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company in Collaboration with Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor -WSUP is also  implementing the Feacal Sludge Management in peri-urban areas such as Chazanga and Kanyama.

He says this has resulted in  the production of biogas for cooking purposes and manure as organic fertiliser.

Dr. WANCHINGA says the INDIAN Government’s emphasis on political will is in tandem with Zambia which already has political will.

He said the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention has provided serious lessons such as transformation of an idea into a mass movement and realisation.

Dr Wanchinga also said the convention provided inspiration on ensuring sustained political will at all levels of governance, financial commitment as well as sustained focus on specific activity.

The Minister said Zambia will also draw lessons from Angola which is putting aside funding that has an impact on sanitation control.

At the same function, Angolan State Secretary in the Ministry of Environment Joauim Manuel said Angola spent a lot of resources on cholera and malaria which gobbled about Four Hundred Million US Dollars last year.

Mr Manuel said his Ministry is calling on Central Government and cooperating partners to allocate more resources towards addressing sanitation so that such resources are used on other economic activities.

This is contained in a statement made available by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India, Bangwe  Naviley.

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