President Lungu can stop the rot

Dear Editor
I write with shock to learn that President Edgar Lungu through the National Mobilisation Chairperson, who doubles as Chililabombwe Member of Parliament as well as the Minister of Mines is disturbed by massive cash donations by PF members.
I am shocked because most of these cash donations when being disbursed to us the people, we are many times than few told that they are coming from the president of the Republic of Zambia as empowerment.
If now the President is disturbed by this act, does it mean they have been using his name for political mileage or what? If these colossal chunks of cash are actually not coming from his office, what then is his office doing to stop it?
I would have loved the President to take measures to stop this rot than just giving the nation his state of mind on the issue while the perpetrators are all over dishing out brand new bank notes in form of empoerment.
The other issue the President should actually ask DEC/ACC is to know how these monies are withrawn from banks or kept since we have a minimum figure one can withdraw over the counter, of which these monies raise suspcion to everybody.
These huge cash donations will actually brutalise a lot of PF aspiring candidates who are credible enough against the worst just because they lack the financial muscles, which will eventually negate the party.
It is therefore my since hope that since people have being complaining about these cash donations that the President finally complaining about too, he has what it takes to stop the rot since these donations are done by PF party members.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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