President Lungu a true Democrat -Zambian DNA

 President Lungu a true Democrat -Zambian DNA

By Staff Writer
The Zambian DNA Spokesperson spuki Mulemwa says it unfortunate that some known opposition political party are calling the president as a dictactorship.

Mr Mulemwa said that  president Edgar Lungu is a true democrat who respects other people’s opinions

He said  that it these opposition leaders are busy attacking the president on petty issues.

Mr Mulemwa said these leaders are the ones who have a dictorial tendencies citing the instructions of members of parliament to walk out of parliament instead of representation the electorates.

Meanwhile Mr Mulemwa has noted that most opposition political parties in Zambia are a rain gate instead of being a government in waiting.

And speaking at the same briefing evangelical youth alliance president revered Moses Lungu said president Edgar Lungu is not afraid of anybody calling on all well meaning members of parliament to support him.

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