President HH commits to Luapula residents

 President HH commits to Luapula residents

President Hakainde Hichilema has assured the people of Luapula Province that freedom will be given to the people across the country, as the UPND is against violence.

Speaking upon arrival in Mansa, Mr Hichilema said that Government’s duty is to ensure that Luapula province is developed, and investments are made available so that local residents are enriched.

He said Government is very determined to change the welfare of the people, adding that Government is working very hard in silence and in due time the hard work will be visible.

“We cannot have minerals were our own  people are not benefiting, we will make sure that our people have their own licenses to conduct mining, and if they cannot mine independently, the local people can cooperate with individuals that can,” he said.

President Hichilma said as it is the UPND Government is still working with the Patriotic Front budget explaining that come next year January, Government will have its own budget.

He said that resources that were stolen through corruption will be given back to the people in various constituencies because that where development should start from.

President Hichilema said once the resources are brought to constituencies, all the contracts will be given to the local people to build schools, clinics and hospitals because that is the only way jobs will be created.

President Hichilema also thanked the residents of Luapula for taking part in election and ensuring that the UPND forms Government despite the challenges faced during campaigns

And Luapula Province Minister Derrcky Chilundika assured the President that Luapula will soon be red and that the people in the province are willing to work with the new Government.