President Edgar Lungu buys luxurious plane

 President Edgar Lungu buys luxurious plane

MOSKVA(Aftenposten):Zambia is one of the largest recipients of Norwegian aid. Now, the country’s president is buying a luxury aircraft that surpasses most.

The Russian company Sukhoi, Jevgenij Andratzhnikov , could start the celebration when the contract for the sale of new luxury aircraft was in the box.

The buyer is President Edgar Lungu of Zambia,the fifth largest recipient of Norwegian aid in the last 50 years. It’s a fairly high price,admitted to the Russians and was jubilantly happy according to Russian media.

The price is around 400 million kroner.

The price is far higher than regular Sukhoi flights because the Zambian president wants specially designed interior.

Lungu leads a country where 15 percent of children are underweight because they do not get enough food according to the UN.

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