Pregnant women not get the covid-19 vaccine

 Pregnant women not get the covid-19 vaccine

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary (PS) Kennedy Malama says that a pregnant women will be spared from getting the Covid-19 for now as  they  are not sure of the side effects.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Malama said that though other countries have proven that the vaccine is safe, they will not rush to give it to pregnant women until further notice.

Dr Malama said that the vaccine is safe and it has a lot of benefits. He said the vaccine will help to protect 80 Percent of the virus from spreading.

He said the vaccine is not only protecting people from dying but also from other social economic disruption.

Dr Malama said that they want to protect the people from being interruption as they travel abroad as they may be asked to produce the covid-19 certificate.

“I want to encourage more people to get vaccine because if more people get vaccinated the more benefits.  And it’s one way of kicking out the virus because the virus will have no room to move to,” he said.

Dr Malama has appealed to the general public not to mislead those who may benefit from the vaccine.

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