Pre-register, Chingola DC urges voters

 Pre-register, Chingola DC urges voters

Chingola District Commissioner Agness Tonga says people should pre-register online as voters to make work easy for voter registration officers in centres.

Ms Tonga said she is aware that the system being used is slow as the people are saying but it is easy when people pre-register online.

She said those who have access to the internet and have smart phone are encouraged to pre-register and just collect the card to speed up the process.

Ms Tonga said she pre-registered online and it took her less than five minutes to collect her voters card yesterday when she was going round in some voter registration centres.

She said that there is need for more sensitization as some people are getting confused of where to register as some centres are not open in the first phase.

The DC has encouraged people not to relax and wait for last day but should register as soon as possible so that they can vote.

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