Postponing teacher recruitment irks EPF

 Postponing teacher recruitment irks EPF

Economic Front Party National Spokesperson Humphrey Kabwe says the Party is disappointed Government’s continuous excuses on the recruitment exercise 30,000 teachers since last when it was announced

Mr Kabwe said that recent pronouncement by education Permanent Secretary Joel Kamoko said that recruitment of teachers will only be conducted after the completion of 116 stalled infrastructure projects are completed is frustrating.

He said that this makes sad reading to the unemployed teachers who were assured of recruitment after the 2022 budget takes shape.

“As a party, we want to tell the New Dawn Government that they should stop testing the feelings of unemployed teachers and Government should understand that the unemployed teachers are not kids, we challenge Government to Come out in the open over teachers recruitment rather than playing games, because it is not dealing with kids but adults who needs to be treated with respect,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said that Government should openly indicate if it has failed to employ the teachers, rather making excuses.

“Last year Government said teacher recruitment will begin in January 2022 after the new budget begins to work but suddenly they shifted to march and today they are saying after completion of 116 infrastructure projects. When they made pronouncement wasn’t Government not aware that some infrastructure was incomplete,” he said

Mr Kabwe has since encouraged unemployed teachers to continue pushing for the recruitment to happen as promised by Government.

And, Ministry of Information and Media Director and spokesperson Thabo Kawana said that it is wrong to suggest that the recruitment is tied to the completion of the schools because that will take some time..

He said that Government is determined to finish all the 116 schools and other infrastructure by the end of this year.