Positive corona virus cases among Teachers, pupils alarming

 Positive corona virus cases among Teachers, pupils alarming

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) says that the rampant positive cases of the Corona virus among teachers and learners in schools across the country is alarming.

NAQEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa said the nation has witnessed many teachers and learners testing positive to Corona virus.

Mr Chansa said no corresponding or serious measures has been take to combat the spread and contraction by relevant Authorities.

He said that at this critical time in the struggle against the virus, Classes are overcrowded, schools are without sanitizers and enough desks and learning institutions have no infra-red thermometers.

Mr Chansa says the current scenario in most schools is dangerous and a clear fertile ground for COVID-19 .

“We now call upon the Ministry of Finance to seriously fund the Ministry of General Education in order for schools to be well resourced with COVID-19 preventive items.

Due to the corona virus ,the need for more Teachers especially in rural areas has become a must .At the moment,the few Teachers we have in these schools cannot manage the crisis,” he said.

He said the organization is disappointed that the Ministry of Health has allowed some schools to flout COVID-19 preventive measures in the sense that this ministry has not taken deliberate steps to ascertain the extent of the spread of the virus and to enforce adherence to preventive measures in schools.

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