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By Nchimunya Miyoba
Movement for Multi Party Democracy Mutati faction has called on its members on the Copperbelt to go flat out and make the party attractive as it was in the the 90s.

Party President Felix Mutati said time has come for the party to show the Zambian people that the MMD is party to reckon with as it does not believe in using violence as a political strategy.

Mr Mutati stated that MMD has always be known to be peaceful and does not use pangas to choose leaders because the party believes that democracy is for people.

Speaking party during party mobilisation in Chililabombwe today Mr Mutati said in democracy people should be left alone to choose who they want to lead them.

Mr Mutati said there is need for members and leaders in the party to be united and disciplined adding that sacrifice and hard by members will drive the party to better heights.

He noted that there are issues in the party concerning finances as some members especially leaders are benefiting more than the ordinary member adding that such issues need to sorted out so that everyone in the party benefit.

He assured the members not to worry about the wrangles between his faction and the Nevers Mumba as the issue will soon be resolved by the end of April this year.

Mr Mutati told the members to work hard and bring in new members
With the aim of restoring the party in preparation for the 2021 general election

Mr Mutati further called on his members to stand firm and stand by the party constitution despite the on going court case.

He further took a swipe on some other political parties ahead of the coming Bahati and Roan by elections calling on them not to impose leaders through violence.

Mr Mutati later extended his mobilisation to Chingola and Chambishi districts were the faction leader met other party officials.