Politics vs Covid-19

 Politics vs Covid-19
Dear Editor
I now understand why some people have continuously said there is no Covid 19 in Zambia and I really reason with their anger.
After yesterday’s episode at Kitwe Examination Council of Zambia offices yesterday where I went to certify my G12 school certificate and subsequently be given a confirmation letter by the Council.
There were two groups namely political group and another for just ordinary certifications involving our school children, teachers, nurses, etc from all walks of life.
The political group where I belong was a total disaster which despite claiming to be leaders, were firstly difficult to manage despite their purported status in society (Honorables) and finally, did not even show any sign that Covid 19 is real in Zambia.
That has been the trend by most politicians countrywide even right now.
This now clicked in my head why some people claim Covid 19 and it’s guidelines is only eminent where it is not political business because huge political gatherings are happening without the so much talked about guidelines.
Worse, I realised why police always use tear gas canisters to disperse cadres, we are simply a difficult class to deal with.
ECZ officers had problems controlling us, which they didn’t manage, yet we call ourselves leaders.
On the other hand, our school children and others on the other line had order, no noise and ease to control, leaving me wondering whether most of us are actually worthy the title of “Honorable”.
I presumed civic leaders lead by examples until I found myself in a group of Civc Leaders from various political parties at ECZ officers yesterday where we didn’t see anything wrong in being disorderly and not abide by the Covid 19 guidelines.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer


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