Politics should not divide us

 Politics should not divide us

Dear Editor
I write to appeal to all Zambians as we head towards the August general elections to uphold the highest level of civic engagement even as we disagree on the political front.

I have observed with dismay how politicians have been in the forefront to divide us Zambian voters to their own benefit and rash back to appeal to churches and clergy to preach peace that they have disturbed.
Zambians are peaceful in nature but it is sad that politicians have devised a divide and rule political scenario which they are always quick to refute and distance themselves from openly, yet do the opposite in the dark.
Listening to President Edgar Lungu appealing to the Clergy/Bishops to preach peace before, during and after the general elections made me reflect on a lot of issues going on in this nation that President Lungu can put to the end yet not.
It should not be about preaching peace but about being seen to actually stop anything that can bring altercations among Zambians that can in the end bring friction among us.
The writing is on the wall and does not need any rocket scientist to know what am talking about. The same politicians we embrace that are bent on hate speeches against others, tribal commentaries and false accusations are the main culprits that can bring disunity now, during and after the general elections, not Zambians. Zambians will just react when it gets out of hand.
So, let the call be directed to the right culprits and not be generalized. Even the clegy/Bishops cannot be trusted hundred percent to preside over this peace we are enjoying because most of those engaged so far have already shown their alliegience to some political grouping, meaning they are not partisan.
It is therefore my general overview that this peace we are enjoying should be guarded by every sane and well meaning Zambian regardless of his/her political affiliation and ethnicity.
Let everyone continue embracing civil engagement as the campaigns start next week, against, name calling, tribal commentaries, false accusations, etc.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer


John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism