Political violence:Lungu, HH must show leadership

 Political violence:Lungu, HH must show leadership

Citizens demand that President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema must show leadership to end political violence.

This follows reports of violence in Chilanga on Keith Mukata’s sister.

Speaking at The Independent Observer Political WhatsApp forum, Justice Hatembo has demanded for an end to political violence.

Mr Hatembo said the problem is that despite political violence being on large scale, the children of both leaders HH and President Lungu are safe and away from violence.

“Zambia is a country for Zambians not for PF cadres or President Lungu. Why should we be killing one another over state power? Why should we be fighting over escorting leaders to State House who’s interest is pocket agenda leadership?

“After fighting our relatives, brothers and sister over politicians who fail to look into our lives, what do we gain? You and I need to be responsible, violence is never the solution, look at what happened to President Robert Mugabe, he was removed out of power without blood shed,” he said.

Mr Hatembo said that Zambian youths shouldn’t think fighting over politicians will turn Zambia into America.

“We need to change the mind set. Have you ever seen Tasila Lungu being involved in political violence? Or Hichilema’s children moving with pangas in support of their father?” he asked.

Another member on the forum Charles Mukuka sais the two leaders are lacking sincerity and honesty in condemning violence.

Mr Mukuka said The way two leaders are tolerating cadres on both sides is worrying.

“We cant allow cadres to dress and behave like military or militias. This will cost us the peace we have enjoyed over the years. A man is what he wears,” he said.

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