Political violence should be stopped

 Political violence should be stopped


Zambian DNA is concerned that political violence perpetrated by political party cadres holds the potential to compromise the credibility of the 12th August polls and contribute to voter apathy.

Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said they will also affect innocent citizens’ livelihood as violence disrupts economic activities.

Mr Mulemwa said that there is need to seriously address political violence by all stakeholders, including political party leaders, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), the Police and general citizenry if the country is to hold peaceful elections.

He said political leaders are expected to tame their cadres from engaging in the acts of political violence.

“The ECZ should enforce the electoral code of conduct by banning political parties that engage in the acts of political violence from taking part in the forthcoming 12th August polls,” he said.

Mr Mulemwa said the organisation has urged the Police High Command to use reasonable force to curb the acts of political violence.

He said this is in an effort to protect further loss of lives and properties and facilitate a peaceful environment for citizens to exercise their democratic rights to vote for candidates of their choice.

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