Political uneasiness in Kanyama regrettable- Miyanda

 Political uneasiness in Kanyama regrettable- Miyanda


Development Activist Wesley Miyanda says the political uneasiness which has been witnessed in the recent past in Kanyama and some parts of the country is regrettable and unacceptable.

Mr Miyanda said that Zambia is a Christian Nation and a beacon of peace on the African continent and political violence is painting a negative picture to the international community.

“ We can not afford to keep losing people’s lives all in the name of political campaigns for an election. The perpetrators of such acrimonious acts are our own youths/supporters which we even know. The continuous trend of finger pointing by the major political contenders in these campaigns will not give us the lasting solution to the current situation.

“ All our leaders should be seen taking full and personal responsibilities, of terming their supporters. If you can fail to man a handful of your own political followers how do you dream of running the entire country full of learned citizens,” he said.

He said elections come and go and killing one another because of politics is unacceptable.

Mr Miyanda said the deploying of other extra security wings to maintain law and older as a way of helping Zambia Police Service could be a good move but may have a negative impact on the Electoral process.

“ I feel it is not too late for us as citizens of this great nation to put our house in order by upholding the national Motto of One Zambia One Nation, for us to have credible, free and fair Elections,” he said.

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