Political parties back EU

A group of political parties and Non-Governmental Organisations has welcomed the recommendations of the European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission and appealed to government to consider implementing them.

New Congress Party Leader Peter Chanda said the recommendation to remove from the law undue campaign privileges for the President and Vice president to ensure equal campaign conditions for all candidates, the repeal of the Public Order Act and the source of funding for political parties as progressive proposals.

Mr Chanda also called on the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue to engage the church mother bodies and convene a summit of political party Presidents to discuss various issues and change the political landscape in the country.

He was speaking along with other political party Leaders and NGOs at a Media briefing in Lusaka.

And, Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said he wants President Hichilema and Government to succeed in the governance of the country because when they do every Zambian wins and their welfare will be uplifted.

And Zambia Republican Party President, Wright Musoma called for the amendment of the law on elections that dictates that when a candidate withdraws from an election and subsequently resigns from a political party; it has to be cancelled to call for fresh nominations.

Recently, the European Union election observer Maria Arena offered to help Zambia implement the recommendations of its Election Observation Mission which include repealing of the Public Order Act.