Political leaders urged to emulate Dr KK’s selfless Leadership

 Political leaders urged to emulate Dr KK’s selfless Leadership

The Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development says the current political leaders in the country have a lot to learn from late President Dr Kenneth.

National Coordinator Nelson Banda said that the late President Kaunda appointed women to leadership positions because he believed in their abilities unlike the situation now when leaders have to be reminded to appoint women to leadership positions using protocols such as SADC, AU and other instruments.

Mr Banda said that Dr Kaunda recognized the importance of women and appointed them to leadership because he believed in their abilities. He said among the women he appointed were Mama Betty Chilunga, Zeniah Ndlovu, Alina Nyikosa and Dr Mainga Mutumba.

“The late Dr Kenneth Kaunda was also good at identifying talents and abilities from young people and people with disabilities. For instance he appointed late Lazarous Tembo who was visually impaired as Minister of State for Culture, he appointed young people such as veteran diplomat Vernon Mwaanga at a tender of 20 years as ambassador to the Soviet Union, Moto Nkama as ambassador to Germany, Jasper Soko and many other young people to leadership positions,” he said.

He said that Dr Kaunda used diplomacy to solve complex political challenges in the country and the Africa region because he believed that unity was a top priority for the country to achieve national development.

“ In 1990 he forfeited three years of his term in office to go for multi party elections because it was in the interest of the country. The late President was not a vengeful person when confronted with a serious political problem that hit the southern Africa region during the struggle for independence of neighboring countries For instance in 1978 when Zambia was attacked by the scouts of Ian Smith who killed 629 refugees in Chikumbi, Dr Kaunda chose not to revenge but instead used diplomacy to bring peace to the region,” he said.

Mr Banda said that because of peace Dr Kaunda was recognized by other African leaders to solve their problems, therefore current crop of leaders have a lot to learn from the first President.