Police will corner the killer-Chingola MP

 Police will corner the killer-Chingola MP

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has assured the family lost their daughter through hacking that police will arrest the suspect.

Speaking when he visted the funeral house today, Mr Nkhuwa said police officers not sleeping in wanting to arrest the suspect behind a spate of hacking.

He advised the community of Chikola Loop area to collaborate with police in order to arrest the suspect behind suspected rituals killings.

Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister said police are not trained to arrest witches, that is if the community suspects ritualists to behind a spate of hacking resulting in deaths.

He said the community must get involved in policing and report any suspiciuos person who they don’t know to police.

“The hacking are disheartening making us live like in a war zone,” he said.

He later donated K10, 000 cash to the bereaved family on top of what he had already provided.

During the funeral he provided the money for the casket, free burial site and food at the funeral.

And Joyce Chongwe, the mother in law to Ruth Chongwe who was hacked to death thanked Mr Nkhuwa for the gesture.

Mr Nkhuwa was accompaniedby Chingola District Commissioner Mary Chibesa, PF Chingola District Chairperson Charles Musonda and also by the two Officers-In-Charge for Chiwempala and Chingola Central Nelson Yulu and Anthony Mphanza respectively

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