Police refutes social media clams of children been kidnapped

Police have refuted reports on social media that children are being kidnapped in Zambia.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said police do not have any reports of children being kidnapped.

Ms Katongo said in instances where there is a report of missing children, such are located by respective relatives.

she said that if at all there are people that have missing children their should report to the police.

Ms Katongo said as at now police do not have reports of children being kidnapped while those that had been reported missing to respective police stations are usually found.

She said before we treat what is being circulated as falsehood, we wish to call on those claiming to have their relatives missing to quickly report to police.

“In instances where such would be a true reflection of what is on the ground, the media would have had relatives of those missing persons flooding media houses requesting to have their missing relatives publicised which is not the case. Police also do not have such reports. These reports are only on social media,” she said.

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