Police put into perspective insinuations by Nevers Mumba

 Police put into perspective insinuations by Nevers Mumba

Zambia Police says it has put into perspective the insinuations by Nevers Mumba and some members of the public that police officers in Kasama helplessly watched cadres damaging a UPND motor vehicle.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said there were no police officers in the vicinity where the fracas happened except for an officer who was performing guard duties at a nearby Bank.

Ms Katongto said the officer the women were referring to in the video was the one who was guarding the Bank and another vehicle which was passing by with only one officer who did not know what was happening at Shoprite.

She said the officer at the Bank could not leave the Bank , it being a sensitive vital institution, he instead communicated the information to command in the area and officers were dispatched and managed to apprehend two suspects.

“As Police we immediately communicated to the public through various media institutions what had transpired on the ground on the material day but surprisingly some people have decided to move on with propaganda. It is disappointing that Dr Mumba has also decided to throw his weight behind people peddling unverified information through social media without him seeking verification on what had transpired.

“We wish to remind members of the public to always have it in mind that what is posted on social media may or may not be as reported or seen on videos,” she said.

Ms Katongo said Zambia Police are determined to provide quality service to members of the community even in times of criticism and shall not be swayed in any way.

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