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Dear Editor,

I write to urge Zambia Police through the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to urgently call for a stakeholders meeting with all political parties to resolve a lot of issues pertaining to among other things, permits.

It is not a secret that most political parties are complaining of lack of space to engage with the Zambians while the ruling PF has always been actively engaging Zambians with the same police seen to be always permitting the PF rallies or/and mobilisations.

The cry is why, should only one political party always be seen to be doing the right thing for them to have it easy in being permitted to hold engagements with Zambians while it is almost impossible for other political parties.

How come there is always police to policy the PF engagements while there are varying excuses police give for objecting to other political parties’ engagements with the citizen? These are questions and cries that have reached undesirable levels.

Can the police therefore sit down with all these political parties and outline where other political parties have been going wrong in their permit applications, which have not been the case with PF.

If such issues are not addressed, people will start speculating, which is not good at this point in time.

Are there different guidelines that apply to others and not to all when getting a permit?

As a nation we should not celebrate arrests of other political players but allow for equal and conducive application of the Law and Order.

Wisdom Muyunda