Police in N/W province recover stolen CDF money

 Police in N/W province recover stolen CDF money

Police in North Western Province have recovered 15,000 kwacha cash and property valued at 3,000.09 kwacha which was bought from the stolen money from Kalumbila Civic center. 

North Western Province police commanding officer Ribson Moonga confirmed that the police on July 16, 2022 recovered the money that was stolen.

A case of theft was reported to Maheba police on June 14, 2022 that Constituency Development Fund (CDF) money was stolen after the Accountant’s office at Kalumbila Civic Centre was broken into and a safe that contained K24, 000.00 cash was stolen.

And Mr Moonga said upon visiting the scene of crime the safe was discovered a few meters away from the main building and it was found damaged.

“The reporter further informed Police  that the same people broke into Council Chairman’s office and tried to steal another safe but they failed and that entry and exit were gained by means of opening the doors to the office as the doors were found intact”, He said.

Mr Moonga also said that a Police Officer from Meheba police Station and a Council police officer who were doing night shift were interrogated. 

He said that police also made an arrest where Chrispin Chileshe was formally arrested for the subject and has since been released on Police Bond and will appear in court soon.